Internship Position Description

Wasatch Magazine is the U’s official outdoor publication made for students and outdoor enthusiasts! We share stories about the ways that people engage with landscapes of the Wasatch and beyond. These stories encompass a broad range of disciplines in outdoor recreation as well as conservation and scientific work that impacts the places we love. Through our outdoor content, we hope to foster values related to adventure, community, diversity, well-being, kindness, and care for the environment.

Commitment: 3-5 hours/week. Varies during the semester based on deadlines.

Scholarship: First semester unpaid. Scholarships awarded in second semester of work and beyond (contingent on satisfactory performance in position)

Available Internship Positions:
  • Writers; desired qualifications:
      • Outdoor enthusiasts
      • Writing experience
      • Background in or knowledge of one or more of the following fields: Communication, English, Environmental Humanities, Writing & Rhetoric, Environmental & Sustainability, Earth Sciences, Biology, Parks Recreation & Tourism, and Philosophy.
          • That being said, applicants from anywhere on campus will be considered according to their own unique ability to contribute to the Magazine, regardless of course work.
  • Photographers; desired qualifications:
      • Outdoor enthusiast
      • Experience in outdoor photography
      • Aesthetic intelligence
      • Technical expertise in photography through coursework or otherwise.
  • Copy editors; desired qualifications:
      • Outdoor enthusiast
      • Knowledge of good grammar, structure, flow, voice, etc…
  • Designers; desired qualifications
      • Outdoor enthusiast
      • Background design knowledge
      • Willingness to learn from head designer


No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn, but any experience in the above positions is highly desired!

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