The Daily Utah Chronicle

The Daily Utah Chronicle represents the student voice on campus. Since 1890. That’s a long history of an independent, student-run newspaper covering campus and telling all the stories that matter for students, faculty, staff, and the U of U community.

The Geekwave

Everyone geeks out about something, and our geeks geek out about almost everything. Featuring unique content from students at the U of U, is the perfect place for you to hang out with your inner geek.

K-UTE Radio

Radio by students for students. That’s K-UTE’s motto. And with a solid mix of live radio and podcasts, our students have their fingers on the pulse of campus. Come listen to what you love and find something new.

Wasatch Magazine

The Wasatch Magazine is the official outdoor adventure publication for the University of Utah. Dedicated to devolping stories on the latest local adventures, environment developments, and destination must haves.


Imagine handpicking the best writers, strategists, and designers at a PAC-12 college campus and throwing them into the deep end of advertising for 1-2 years. AdThing is the ad agency staffed by students and directed by global pros.


Student ran video production on campus. All content is produced, written, and directed by the team. Centered around showcasing student life here on campus.


OurStor1es is dedicated to showcasing the stories of the individuals that make up our campus. Developing authenticity in telling the stories of others through various media platforms and audio production.