Internship Position Description

View From the U Productions, the U’s student-run video production studio, is looking for outgoing student interns to join our ambitious team! VFTU aims to produce a variety of video content that is both informative and entertaining to college students. The intern positions with VFTU involves a commitment of around 5-10 hours a week (depending on position).


The Graphic Designer position with View from the U is a position in which one is expected to perform tasks related to graphic design for our social medias.
Responsibilities: The Graphic Designers main duty is to design all social media content for accounts belonging to VFTU, create thumbnails, posts, and produce advertising for VFTU. This means you must have enough time during the week to:
  • Create unique on brand content for our Instagram three times a week
  • Create a thumbnail for our YouTube upload every Friday
  • Work closely with the Communications manager
  • Carry out all advertising campaigns for content and identity
  • Regularly respond to work messages via Slack and Gmail
  • Attend mandatory meetings


This is a leadership role in the sense that you will be a point of contact for any marketing/social media/advertisement concerns and help make executive decisions regarding events and promotions, advertising, and the online presence of View from the U.
This means that failure to be on time, effectively communicate in a professional manner, and meet deadlines will threaten your status as the Graphic Designer.
This position is available for individuals who meet all the requirements necessary for the position.