Scholarship Position Description

All scholarships are determined by position, time commitment, responsibility, and financial budget.

The UteCast Director selects a student to be awarded a scholarship to serve as Director of VFTU.


Expectations & Duties:

  • Primary responsibility is to be in charge of finding and filtering story ideas, content planning, conducting research on content, managing sources, etc.
  • Attend weekly executive meetings to provide updates on content development, receive and provide feedback and criticism, plan future content, and coordinate production schedules. This is a mandatory requirement.
  • Hold weekly team meetings to discuss, coordinate, create, and execute a plan for achieving content development objectives by set deadlines.
  • Oversee each week’s content and production schedule.
  • Provide a content plan to the writing team.
  • Manage, train, guide, lead team of content creators.



  • Prior leadership experience is mandatory.
  • Must be able to commit to the demand schedules and to maintain high levels of activity and quality of work.
  • Previous work and/or education and training in video production or broadcast journalism.
  • Preference given to applicants with prior experience in Student Media.
  • Experience in producing video for different audiences and settings, such as entertainment, business, and journalism.
  • Understanding and working knowledge of necessary software and tools used in video production process.
  • Experience or knowledge of content distribution, particularly in the fields of video and film.
  • Must be enrolled student progressing satisfactorily towards a degree.
  • Major or minor in film and media arts, mass communication, journalism, strategic communication, or similar preferred.
  • Proof of finalized grades from the previous semester must be submitted before you will be interviewed for this position. There is no minimum GPA requirement.


Application Process:

Applicants for this position will be reviewed during spring 2023 and interviews will be scheduled by the UteCast Director. The position is open until filled. The experiential learning term is May 2023 through April 2024. Please fill out the application below and follow all instructions for submitting the application and providing the necessary portfolio and documentation.


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