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The Executive Producer of View From the U Productions is a scholarship position within Student Media. The position manages View from the U staff and operations as well as other video-based shows and properties developed.
The Producer’s main duty is to oversee the success of VFTU Productions and its various shows. This includes managing team operations, scheduling meetings, and ensuring that the expectations of the Director are met. The Producer also oversees all technical operations of productions.
If interested in this position, you must allocate enough time to execute the following:
  • Must be present at every shoot
    • At the very least, either the Director or the Producer needs to be present at every shoot. The Director and Producer should coordinate ahead of time to see if either one, or both will be at a shoot.
  • Oversee all technical operations
    • The Producer is responsible for knowing which equipment will be needed at each shoot.
    • The Producer will oversee technical training (editing, videography).
    • Will take it upon themselves to edit if the designated editor is incapable.
  • Attend Production meetings
    • The Producer is expected to attend all production meetings with each segment.
    • The Producer is expected to know exactly where the studio is at during its production cycle and know which segment is going to be released next.
  • Consistently meet with the Director
    • The Producer and the Director must meet consistently to discuss updates on production, new ideas, and recruitment.
    • It is the primary job of the Producer to help carry out and maintain the overall vision of the Director


Scholarship Amount: This position is awarded a scholarship for 2021-2022. All scholarships are determined by position, time commitment, responsibility, and financial budget determined in April. Specific questions about scholarship amounts may be directed to Kody Carbone – [email protected] or (801) 581-6397. This is a leadership role in the sense that you will be a point of contact for any content concerns and help make executive decisions regarding the writing of View from the U
This means that failure to be punctual, effectively communicate in a professional manner, and meet deadlines will
threaten your status as the Director.
This position is available for individuals who meet all the requirements necessary for the position. Special cases may be made if approved by the executive board. Proof of finalized grades from the previous semester must be submitted before you will be interviewed for this position. There is no minimum GPA requirement.
Applicants for this position will be reviewed during spring 2021 and interviews will be scheduled by the Student Media Staff and the position is open until filled. The experiential learning term is May 2021 through April 2022. Please fill out the application below and follow all instructions for submitting the application and providing the necessary portfolio and documentation

Use this form to apply now:

To apply for this job email your details to k.carbone@ustudentmedia.com