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University Student Media Graduate Advisor

At Student Media, we are the campus storytellers. We strive to engage, provoke, inspire, and connect the campus community through the content we produce. The campus community isn’t just students, but the faculty, staff, and visitors to campus as well as alumni, fans, and anyone with a connection to the University of Utah. The medium can vary– print, digital, photo, video, podcast, live radio–and the purpose of the content can be different– journalism, marketing, entertainment. But at the end of the day, we seek to empower students to develop existing and new skills in storytelling.

We are the laboratory for students in journalism, entertainment, design, advertising, marketing, and a whole host of other areas. Currently, we’re seeking a secondary advisor for our student-run publications. This person would be giving support to our students by giving training opportunities, guidance, and help identify opportunities to highlight our amazing students. You’ll find below a list of responsibilities, time expectations, and qualifications. If you should have specific questions please email [email protected].


Position Overall Responsibilities :  

  • Provide advice and support to student leaders and contributors 
  • Conduct monthly training to improve writing skills and visual aspects of the student publications
  • Be present at meetings
  • Hold a student voting seat on the Student Media Council 
  • Be present in the office for walk-in hours for students
  • Help identify strong pieces to be entered for local and national compensations. 


Time Commitment:

  • Serve from June 2022 till May 2023
    • 10 hours a week (+/- depending on projects/student needs)


Compensation / Benefits:

  • Compensation would be provided with a stipend per semester
    • Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023
  • Non-Benefited Staff / Student position


Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or related field. 
  • Excellent technical writing and verbal communication skills.

Qualifications (Preferred)

  • Familiarity with a variety of computer software.
  • Project management and strong interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to work both individually and in a team setting.

Some areas may require additional experience with specific computer systems and may require skills in interviewing, copywriting, editing, photography, web writing, graphic design, audio & video production, and oral presentation. Experience with social media, online presence, team building, strategic planning, and ethics. 


Required Documents:

Cover Letter/Personal Statement, Resume, 3 References, and Links to your work specifying your roles. In your cover letter or personal statement, please speak to how your experience aligns with our job requirements and about your commitment to providing support for editorial students. Applications without cover letters or personal statements links to your work, and the roles you performed, will not be considered.

Deadline to apply: April 15, 2022


Grad Student Position

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