Internship Position Description

K-UTE Radio is the U’s very own radio station! On the website, you can listen live to the station, podcast, and even read our blogs. We host tabling events and outdoor DJ/concerts throughout the year. And now we’re looking for passionate people to join our station! The time commitment for an internship is roughly 5-10 hours a week depending on your availability/project.

Scholarship Opportunities: First semester unpaid. Scholarships start to be available in the second semester. Each student is eligible to apply for a scholarship but it will be contingent on overall performance, commitment, enrollment, and fiscal budget. If a student doesn’t receive a scholarship they will continue serving as an intern until scholarship applications open for the following semester.

Timeline: Applications will be reviewed as received. Student positions will be filled/start for fall 2021.

Internship Positions Available:

  • Content Intern 
    • Blog writing and editing
    • Recording and editing audio
    • Podcast creation
    • Social Media creation and management
  • Broadcast Intern
    • Creating/recording audio promotional content
    • Uploading music to the database
    • Broadcasting/DJ a show on a weekly basis
    • Audio tech
  • Events and Promotions Intern
    • Contacting musicians, groups, and promoting companies/campus departments in a professional manner
    • Organizing events
    • Finding different ways to engage the student audience


Expectations: By applying to this internship you understand that the following are expected of you.

  • Must be able to communicate in a timely manner to messages (email / messaging app)
  • Willing to contribute in multiple areas
  • Commit roughly 5-10 hours per week to K-UTE-oriented responsibilities.
  • Must be an enrolled U of U student

No experience is necessary but WordPress / Adobe knowledge or past broadcasting experience is a plus.