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Local Stream Host

Scholarship Position Description:

Radio Senior Leadership – This position is awarded a scholarship for 2021-2022. All scholarships are determined by position, time commitment, responsibility, and financial budget determined in April. Specific questions about scholarship amounts may be directed to Kody Carbone – [email protected] or (801) 581-6397.

The K-UTE Station Manager selects a student to be awarded a scholarship to serve as Campus Outreach Coordinators.

These requirements and priorities come before any and all side projects. If the priorities and requirements listed below are not met, reevaluation of this position will occur. All team leaders are required to be on at least two teams, one being at least Content or Events & Promotions. This could consist of activity monitoring, position reallocation, or a scholarship rate decrease upon the reevaluation process.

The Local Stream Host is responsible for showcasing SLC’s music scene to the world by consistently and confidently promoting local musicians and events.

Responsibilities & Priorities:

  • Host our stream of exclusively local artists.
  • Coordinate promotion of events on campus and in the city with social media team.
  • Collaborate with musicians and artists to bring their art to our campus and city community.
  • As appropriate, create content.


  • Must attend and schedule meetings with the outreach team.
  • Meet with Station Manager and other leadership biweekly.
  • Maintain current knowledge on city events and culture.
  • Host our stream on a consistent basis.
  • Advertise local events and engage in discussion on the stream.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely with team members and other officials regularly through both virtual and in person meetings and methods.
  • Report progress to Station Manager.


  • Previous work and/or education and training in broadcasting, podcasting, or audio/video production. Preference given to applicants with prior experience in Student Media entertainment platforms.
  • Understanding and working knowledge of necessary software used in web publishing.
  • Experience or knowledge of media marketing and content distribution, particularly in the fields of social media and community outreach.
  • Strong social skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership and/or previous management experience preferred.
  • Must be enrolled student progressing satisfactorily towards a degree.
  • Major or minor in mass communication, broadcast, film and media, strategic communication, or similar preferred.

All side projects are encouraged, but should only be pursued after all requirements and priorities have been met.

Application Process:

Applicants for this position will be reviewed during spring 2021 and interviews will be scheduled by the Station Manager. The position is open until filled. The experiential learning term is May 2021 through April 2022. Please fill out the application below and follow all instructions for submitting the application and providing the necessary portfolio and documentation.

To apply for this job email your details to l.crowley@ustudentmedia.com