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Student Media Salt Lake City Utah University of Utah


Equipment Manager

Job Summary

The equipment manager is responsible to oversee all equipment in Student Media and ensure that it is being utilized according to departmental and University policy, is well maintained, and inventory is kept properly.


  • Keep a current inventory of all equipment up to date.
  • Manage and oversee the check-out/check-in process.
  • Provide training to those checking out equipment and ensure it is used properly.
  • Also, update and maintain online training courses via canvas.
  • Manage studio equipment and software to ensure students can create and record content.
  • Seek ways to improve recording experiences through modification and upkeep of studio equipment.
  • Work with leadership to make recommendations regarding repairing, replacing, or growing equipment inventory.
  • Help manage departmental computers.
  • Be available as extra support for Student Media and Auxiliary Business Development events as they arise.

Minimum Qualifications

Must be a current University of Utah student.


Department desires applicants with some experience working with standard media equipment – cameras, recorders, microphones, etc. Strong computer experience required. Prior experience with broadcasting equipment is beneficial. Qualified applicants will know how to use the equipment, train others, make recommendations for repair and/or replacement, etc. Prior tech support experience is beneficial. Ability to work with computers (troubleshooting, software installation, etc) preferred. A qualified student will also be physically able to lift and move heavy equipment and have good customer service skills.

$10-12/hr DOE 

Part-Time 10-15 hours a week