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Student Media Salt Lake City Utah University of Utah

Contributor Scholarship Application – Summer 2024

Student Media at the University of Utah is an experiential learning program. What this means is that our focus is to provide hands-on experience in a learning environment. This also means that a large majority of our students in Student Media are eligible to receive a scholarship for their participation.
These positions are the foundational part of Student Media—the content creators: writers, photographers, radio hosts, bloggers, designers, copywriters, videographers, etc. To apply for and receive a Contributor Scholarship, a student must have relevant prior experience or have spent at least a semester as an Intern within Student Media. These positions are semester-based and must be applied for and renewed each semester, and you must be enrolled to receive funding.

There are varying levels of scholarship amounts for Contributors, based on the involvement and the content created. Additionally, students can hold up to 2 (max) Contributor scholarships per semester. This is because if we factor in an average student’s course load plus other commitments that can hinder Student Media projects/assignments or student’s progress in classes. If you’re applying for multiple desks/platforms then please submit a separate application for each desk/platform.

  • Level 1 contributors: 1-2 assignments/week (less than 10 hours/week)
  • Level 2 contributors: 2-4 assignments/week (min 10 hours/week)
  • Level 3 contributors: 4+ assignments/week (12-15 hours/week)


Expectations & Duties:

  • Contributors are expected to fill assignments given by student leaders, ranging from a few assignments to several per week, depending upon the contributor’s availability/needs of the team. Expectations and assignments can change during the semester but will be clearly outlined by student leaders.
  • Must meet all assigned deadlines for content delivery.
  • Contributors are responsible to manage sources/contacts for stories/projects.
  • Contributors are to provide story/content ideas and help in the planning process.
  • Must attend scheduled meetings/trainings.


  • Previous experience relevant to the position applied for is required.
  • Understanding and working knowledge of the necessary software and tools used in content creation/management.
  • Must be an enrolled student progressing satisfactorily towards a degree.

DEADLINE to apply – Sun, May. 1, 2024, by 11:59 p.m.


Scholarship positions are not jobs. We cannot verify employment for you in the future based on these positions. We can state that you were involved and that you received a scholarship as compensation, but in the traditional sense of verifying employment, it simply doesn’t work.

If you are not taking classes in the Summer 2024 semester, your Scholarship for Summer will be carried over to the Fall 2024 Semester.