Scholarship Position Description

Editorial Executive Leadership – $12,000 scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year. ($2,000 Summer 2022, $5,000 Fall 2022, and $5,000 Spring 2023)

The Student Media Council selects a student to be awarded a scholarship to serve as editor-in-chief of The Utah Daily Chronicle.



ATTENTION: This position requires a significant time commitment. If you are chosen and accept this position,   it will be expected that you can satisfactorily meet the time commitment necessary. This means that you agree to not accept other positions outside of student media or otherwise make commitments that will impact your ability to meet this expectation.

  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of digital and print media, in particular the operations of The Daily Utah Chronicle.
  • Guide a content development and promotion process that allows editorial platforms to grow.
  • Understand, shape, and effectively communicate the vision/mission/strategy of Student Media and the Chronicle as a whole and the vision/mission/strategy of journalistic platforms to all scholarship recipients within the Chronicle
  • Establish and foster an organizational culture for editorial platforms that focuses on collaboration, innovation, and creativity in content creation and distribution.
  • Train with the outgoing scholarship recipient to understand the current focus and direction of the Chronicle.
  • Oversee all scholarship recipients within the Chronicle.
  • Establish, in consultation with Senior Leadership, group experiential learning goals/outcomes for each semester.
  • Demonstrate to the Director of Student Media the results of group participation and how goals/outcomes were met.
  • Attend all Executive Leadership meetings, guest lectures, and skill development workshops as outlined by the Director of Student Media.
  • Attend at least one monthly meeting with the Council and at least one monthly meeting with the Graduate Advisor.
  • Meet the expectations of the position description as outlined in the bylaws of the Student Media Council and report regularly to the Council.


Application Process:

The scholarship will be awarded according to a selection procedure established by the Student Media Council.  Applications will be accepted until January 26, 2022. Applicants will be invited to meet with the current scholarship recipient and shadow the position. The Council will review initial applications and conduct an interview process during February. The selection of the scholarship recipient will be finalized by February 25,  2022. The experiential learning term is May 2022 through April 2023. Please fill out the application below and f follow all instructions for submitting the application and providing the necessary portfolio and documentation. 


Use this form to apply now: