Student Media Salt Lake City Utah University of Utah

Student Platform Manager – UteCast 

Description: Student Media at the University of Utah seeks a student to become the Platform Manager of Utecast – the student-run audio & video production team for Student Media at the University of Utah. This position is responsible to help manage and oversee the business and development of all channels of UteCast to ensure their success and growth.

This position will help oversee the following aspects of UteCast channels: distribution of live, digital, and recorded content, analysis and research, audience growth, quality control, and platform growth.

The Platform Manager reports jointly to the department Director and the UteCast Director.

Commitment: 12-15 hours per week

Wage: $12-13/hr depending on experience and performance, reviewed semesterly

Timeline: Applications will be reviewed as received. Student Media intends to fill this position as soon as possible. Position open until filled. Preference will be given to applicants who can fill the position for at least one year.


  • It is expected that the platform manager and UteCast Director will meet to set goals and plans at the beginning of each semester and regularly meet to review, revise, and improve progress towards reaching those goals and implementing plans.
  • Content Distribution:
    • Manage technical staff to ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly.
    • Work with leadership to identify, select, implement, and maintain an appropriate distribution method for all content and podcasts.
    • Help manage repairs and replacements for equipment as necessary.
    • Actively improve the content distribution process and work to increase listenership and distribution of all content on campus and to the campus community. This includes evaluation of all methods of distribution on and off campus.
  • Analysis & Research:
    • Be trained and understand how to interpret the results and data in Google Analytics and other digital platforms (email, social media, mobile app, etc.).
    • Develop and display other key metrics (event attendees, etc.) to enable content planning and other decisions affecting the platform.
    • Provide appropriate reports to content and department leadership.
    • Together with Director and Business Manager, conduct research and focus groups to assist in decision making and content planning.
  • Audience Growth:
    • Assist and help manage marketing for the UteCast channels through social media, events, advertising, and other marketing opportunities on campus.
    • Generate and suggest new ideas to help channels gain and retain audience.
      • As appropriate, implement ideas or assist in implementation with content leadership.
  • Quality Control:
    • Consistently review streaming and digital distribution to ensure content is being made available correctly. Examples below:
      • Is the stream broadcasting correctly with appropriate levels, etc.?
      • Do podcasts & videos appear correctly through all distribution points?
      • Are web pages appearing displaying content correctly and links functioning, etc?
      • This position does not have a role in reviewing content for quality, that responsibility rests with the correct content leadership for the platform (producers, etc.).
  • Platform Growth:
    • Coordinate with Advertising Managers to develop and pursue advertising opportunities:
      • New advertising ideas or opportunities within the platform.
      • New advertisers.
    • Coordinate with content leadership to develop and pursue new content opportunities.
      • The role of this position will be to conduct research, help implement necessary technology or software, etc. – NOT to develop content.
  • General:
    • Become familiar with the best practices of other schools’ media programs and use that knowledge and experience to help improve the platform as appropriate.


  • Previous experience and/or education and training in business or product management.
  • An interest in or experience with video/radio/podcasting/entertainment/media is preferred.
  • Willingness to familiarize self with the platform, platform leadership, and the content of the platform. Preference given to applicants with prior experience in the platform.
  • Experience in working with or managing others and in leading a team.
  • Computer proficiency and ability/willingness to learn new programs and software.
  • Experience or knowledge of marketing, brand management, audience growth and engagement. If applicant does not have this type of experience, a willingness to study and learn is required.
  • Must be enrolled student progressing satisfactorily towards a degree.
  • Major or minor in business, strategic communication, management, marketing, or similar preferred.